Advanced Driving


JRS offers advanced tuition for drivers wishing to take their driving onto another level. Advantages of being an advanced driver include greater hazard awareness, increased car sympathy with reduced running costs, a lower accident frequency, and some companies offer reduced insurance premiums for drivers who have passed an advanced test. Having been involved in advanced driving since 1988, a wealth of experience is available to guide you towards your goal of becoming an advanced driver.


Drivers undertaking advanced training can choose to be trained according to either Roadcraft or Driving: The Essential Skills depending on what they wish to achieve.


People wanting to take an IAM test, a RoSPA test or entering the emergency services (e.g. to become a paramedic) will have their training based mainly on Roadcraft.


People who are preparing to take their Part 2 test of driving ability en route to becoming a driving instructor will have their training based mainly on Driving: The Essential Skills.


Please see experience and qualifications and the prices pages for more information.